2023 MPMSC Annual Awards

Member of the Year

This award is open to any member who has made a significant contribution to the club in and/or out of the water, over the previous 12 months. This person contributes their time and effort to the running of the club, participating socially, as well as attending club training and competitions.

One winner per year: most vote wins.

It is for the best ‘club person’ as voted by the members: request for nominations is circulated prior to the AGM by electronic and/or paper format.

Criteria include a member who:

  • Contributes a lot of time and effort to running of the club (NB if the nominee is a committee member their contribution is above and beyond their expected role)
  • Support, encourage and help other members
  • Organises or assists with club events
  • Volunteering on behalf of the club at events (e.g. as an official)
  • Encouraging and inspiring potential new members to join the club

Donna Gadsby

Previous Winners

  • 2021  Rob Wilson
  • 2022 Donna Gadsby

Swimmer of the Year

This award is determined by aggregate points according to the pool and open water competitions members have participated in. The award recognises participation as well as performance.

There will be one winner each year.

Points are awarded throughout the year as follows:

Pool Events

  • One point for participation in each Masters pool meets, i.e MSA or World Aquatic Masters competitions, Club meets and official Masters Games
  • Records: 1 point each for a club record, state record, national record or world record. Therefore, if someone breaks a national record, they will have also broken the club and state record and will earn 3 points. (NB This only applies to individual records, not relay records)


Open Water Swims

  • 1 point per distance swum at competitions i.e. If long and short swims are completed at an event a minimum of 2 points
  • • Additional points for age group placings – 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, down to 1 for 10th replace with 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd
  • Points will only be allocated for the open age group in the longer distance swims, so even if the swimmer is first in their age group for GVSS purposes, they will only receive a participation point as many long swims don’t have age group awards However, if age group placings are published in the official results, then points are allocated as for the short course placings.
  • No difference between wetsuit and non-wetsuit
  • Only swims that feature in the Cousin’s Open Water Calendar and open water swims held at sanctioned Master’s swim meets will automatically be eligible for points
  • NB events are not weighed e.g. more points for national or international swims as this disadvantaged swimmers who may still compete regularly but are unable to travel extensively because of work or family reasons.

Brianna Snyders

Previous Winners

  • 2021  Donna Gadsby
  • 2022  Donna Gadsby

Most Improved Swimmer

This award is for a member whom the coaches decide, in consultation with the committee, has the most improved their stroke, distance and so on over the calendar year. This award can be given to a relatively new member of the club and is to encourage regular participation in pool and/or open water competitions.

As this is an encouragement award a swimmer who has medalled at MSA Nationals will be ineligible for the award.

Michele Amoore

Previous Winners

  • 2021  Sue Grimshaw
  • 2022 Andrew Prendergast and Jane Sloan

Volunteer of the Year

This award is presented to the most appreciated volunteer (not an award for committee members).

This is decided by the committee and can be awarded for such things as:

  • Support, encourage and help other members
  • Organises or assists with club events
  • Volunteering on behalf of the club at events (e.g. as an official)

Mandy Wilson

Previous Winners

  • 2021  Ros McLean
  • 2022 Kim Williams

Outstanding Achievement Award

This is awarded to someone for exceptional achievements in swimming e.g. swam the English Channel or Rottnest, completed an Iron Man competition for the first time.

It does not have to be awarded annually. This award is decided by the committee.

Not awarded

Previous Winner

  • 2021 Not awarded
  • 2022 Brianna Bond and Rob Wilson – for their 20km swim around Great Keppel island

2023 MPMSC Monthly Award

Seadragon of the Month

Award will be open to all club members including committee members.

Nominations for the Award are to be for actions over and above the normal position the nominee holds within the club and extraordinary achievements.

Committee members to submit nominations prior to each monthly committee meeting.

Awardee decided by committee at each committee meeting.

March – Alexia Green

Previous Winners


  August – Donna Gadsby

September – Tony Catto-Smith

October – Ken Peters

November – Peter Hubber

December – Sandra Shaw, Helen Catto Smith, Robyn Bell



January – Brianna Snyders and Maree Tuff

February – Dennice Breeschoten, Donna Gadsby, Ian Renwick